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4. Immediate follow up

Sent to TipTxt inbox, mobile devices, other email, multiple responders.

Engage in two-way text conversation.

Using technology to report situations and alert school officials without having to be in their presence or be seen is a very effective means of communication and helpful in anti-bullying efforts. With TipTxt, we can help students report bullying without fear of retaliation.

Blackboard is offering TipTxt at no charge to K-12 schools because we believe it’s that important. TipTxt provides administrators with an easy, confidential way to speak up about abuse, crime, and mental health issues—before it’s too late. Our offer includes free access to the TipTxt service, a TipTxt mailbox and TipTxt client support for each individual school.*

Combat bullying with two-way conversations and reports via text.

Speak up. B4 it’s 2L8.
TipTxt is free. A life is not.

The statistics are alarming: 1 in 7 students in grades K-12 is either a bully or victim of bullying. But together, we can right a wrong.

Dr. Lisa Andrejko, Superintendent of Schools for Quakertown Community School District

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5. Easy documentation

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*Schools will be required to purchase a dedicated TipTxt line for their TipTxt service at a cost of $125 per year, per location. TipTxt lines must be purchased through Blackboard (or at Blackboard’s designation through a Blackboard approved provider). There are no other costs associated with this offer. The service will be available once a dedicated phone line can be procured for each school, and all K-12 schools, including public, private and parochial institutions are eligible to participate, regardless of whether they are a Blackboard client or not. TipTxt is not for use as a means of communicating information which is subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or other laws applicable to medical records.

1. See it and text incident to a dedicated number.

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